Jute yarn

We sell end of a line jute yarn from the TEX 290/2 – TEX 750/2 series

At a price of 3.90 PLN / kg

Jute yarn is a product of natural origin. It is made of jute fibers. Jute yarn is very resistant to tearing and moisture. Its additional advantage is that it can be dyed perfectly. Jute yarn can also be stiffened and impregnated, which increases its strength and reduces the sorptive properties.

Jute yarn has many applications It is used for the production of:

  • ropes, cords
  • textile fabrics
  • bags
  • haberdashery
  • decorative products
  • Christmas balls
  • jute napkins
  • tablecloths
  • jute curtains
  • sheer jute curtains

Jute yarn is also widely used in gardening and agriculture