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Blackout fabric

Due to their unique properties, Blackout fabrics are becoming increasingly popular, not only in professional applications, but also at home and in companies. Wherever we need to limit the amount of light, cut off noise or maintain adequate thermal comfort, these fabrics will prove to be indispensable, because no other material can match their functionality. For this reason, their popularity in home applications has been constantly increasing recently.

What are Blackout fabrics?

Blackout fabrics are specialist fabrics, consisting of three layers of a special weave. The outer layers are in various colors, whereas the inner layer is always black. The main function of Blackout fabrics is to darken the rooms. They absorb up to 90-100% of light, so they are often used as curtains. The three-layer structure of this fabric is very dense, therefore, in addition to blocking light, Blackout provides also an excellent thermal barrier. Some blackout fabrics even have a non-flammable certificate. Due to such good technical parameters, Blackout fabrics have found their application in many areas of life. They are commonly used in hotels, theaters, music studios, conference rooms etc.

Blackout fabrics at home.

Blackout curtains can successfully replace traditional curtains or blinds, or supplement them perfectly. By choosing the Blackout fabrics, you have a guarantee of excellent quality. Beautiful curtains sewn from elegant, luxurious fabrics with a rich palette of colors and a timeless design will look great in a hotel, conference room as well as in a living room or bedroom.

BLACKOUT fabric dimensions

To ensure maximum comfort for our customers, we sell Blackout fabrics and other light-blocking fabrics both by roll and by meter. Rolls 50m, weight 260g/m2, width 150 and 300 cm

Original BLACKOUT type fabrics allow:

  • darkening the room
  • sound insulation
  • thermal insulation
  • fire protection (flame retardancy certificate)

Examples of applications of blackout fabrics:

  • Darkening of the bedrooms and other rooms
  • Home cinema and listening rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Hotels
  • Theatre
  • Photographic and film studios
  • Recording studios

Blackout optic white

OpticWhite Blackout

blackout milk 135

milk135 Blackout

blackout sand379

sand379 Blackout

blackout grey412

grey412 Blackout

blackout grey220

grey220 Blackout

blackout lightgrey100

LG100 Blackout

blackout green27

green27 Blackout

blackout brown187

brown187 Blackout

blackout grey405

grey405 Blackout

blackout grey615

grey615 Blackout

blackout green475

green475 Blackout

blackout grey436

grey436 Blackout

blackout brown188

brown188 Blackout

blackout brown183

brown183 Blackout

blackout black40

black40 Blackout

blackout khaki180

khaki180 Blackout

blackout grey38

grey38 Blackout

blackout navy119

navy119 Blackout

blackout purple452

purple452 Blackout

blackout White PFP 10

whitePFP10 Blackout

blackout skin410

skin410 Blackout

blackout brown479

brown479 Blackout

blackout yellow359

yellow359 Blackout

blackout turquoise635

turquoise635 Blackout

blackout burgundy454

burgundy454 Blackout

blackout beige137

beige137 Blackout

blackout beige186

beige186 Blackout

blackout red461

red461 Blackout

beige111 Blackout

blackout grey540

grey540 Blackout

Dimout fabrics – How to obtain the medium blackout level?

Our rich offer includes fabrics in a wide range of colors (29 shades) from almost transparent to ensuring complete blackout. Fabrics with different light transmittance meet the individual requirements of our customers. The three-layer Blackout fabric blocks, for example, all the light, so it sensationally darkens the room, giving a sense of privacy and intimacy. Dimout fabrics work similarly, giving a slightly weaker blackout effect. See also – Dimout fabrics

Fabric for blackout blinds

Blackout fabrics are perfect for blinds. Roman blinds and awnings are gaining popularity because various options for attaching blinds: to the window frame, in the recess, to the wall above the window or to the ceiling, make it possible to install them in all conditions.
In general, Roman blinds can be divided into wall and window ones. Blinds made of Blackout fabrics limit the access of light into the room, allowing to get a blackout effect even on a sunny day. Blackout fabric blinds can be operated by means of a chain, or electrically, because their weight is low.

On hot summer days, awnings made of Blackout fabrics will be the best. They darken and cover the window recesses, balconies, small terraces and porches. Due to their properties, they provide protection against intense sunlight and also effectively protect against high temperatures because they do not let in heat.