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Blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics – specialized fabrics for darkening rooms

We present to you the latest, peak achievement in the family of specialist utility fabrics – the Blackout type light-blocking fabric. It is a material that is becoming more and more popular every day and is gaining high marks from a growing group of users. It is a model composed of three layers: two slightly shining braiding materials and a dark, central filling which constitutes the core, heart and definition of the purpose of our fabrics. It determines the degree of darkness (light transmission) and the level of thermal and sound insulation. Our fabrics are made entirely of polyester. It is a polymer containing ester bonds – it means that it is a 100% synthetic product, made with the utmost care, commitment and attention.

Blackout fabrics – certificates

They are characterized by fire resistance – they have a certificate of compliance with a number of fire protection requirements. The products made of them can be washed at low temperatures or dry cleaned. Their performance is very good both in the washing and ironing process: they do not crease, do not lose their colors, they are resistant to high temperatures and mild detergents. The material is not weakened or delaminated after repeated washing or ironing.

Blackout fabrics – available dimensions and weight

We offer you two width and length variants :

  • Rolls of material of 50 meters length are 1.5 meters (150 cm) wide
  • Rolls of material of 30 meters length are 3 meters (300 cm) wide.

The weight of 260gr/m2 allows airiness and effective, sleek feel (the effect of a soft arrangement can be obtained without the need for additional styling). To meet your expectations, we offer the opportunity to order free samples of the material. For orders, please contact our marketing department at: info@ruflex.com.pl The fabric has a subtle and elegant appearance of the delicate, shiny sides. The fabric is not completely matt, it has the effect of a slight “shimmering” as a result of light reflection. It is also extremely strong and durable and can be sewn easily.

Blackout fabrics of the highest quality only from us

Royal Quality means the highest quality product. Our Blackouts provide:

  • darkening of the room in 98% (they do not let sunlight in, allow for perfect insulation from daylight);
  • high thermal insulation (they do not transmit solar heat

and low temperatures in the autumn and winter seasons);

  • relatively high sound insulation (they dampen the pitch)

and frequency of sounds, thus reducing their perception by us). We offer a wide range of colors.

Blackout fabrics – a wealth of shades

There are 29 shades available :

  • snow;
  • milk (135);
  • sand (379);
  • light steel grey (412);
  • grey (220);
  • light grey (100);
  • dark grey (540).
  • saturated burgundy (454);
  • olive green (27);
  • brown caramel (187);
  • greyish-blue (405);
  • greyish-green (615);
  • emerald green (475);
  • dark steel grey (436);
  • brownish-beige (186);
  • milk chocolate (188);
  • dark chocolate (183);
  • black (40);
  • khaki (180);
  • grey blushed with pink (38);
  • navy blue (119);
  • grayish-beige (137);
  • purple (452);
  • ruby (461);
  • white dandelion (10);
  • skin (410);
  • beige (479);
  • daffodil (359);
  • turquoise (635);

What are Blackout fabrics for?

They are great as curtains, Roman blinds or decorative bedspreads. They can be used both at home (for darkening and soundproofing the bedroom, children’s room or living room) and in the office, theater, cinema, hotel, beauty studios, wellness and spa rooms, medical centers. They will perfectly fulfill their task in recording, photo and film studios, photographic darkrooms or listening rooms. A wide spectrum of applications gives us virtually unlimited possibilities of adaptation and adjustment of the fabric to our needs or requirements. Indispensable in the preparation of conference rooms, rooms where symposia, scientific meetings, seminars, discussion groups are held. Invaluable as part of your own, small (or quite large) home cinema. They ensure high comfort of use, being at the same time durable and strong as well as delicate and subtle in perception. They give a sense of safety and intimacy as well as the possibility of preparing all utility rooms at the highest level. They do not require a significant amount of time devoted to the maintenance process. It is easy to remove dirt and retain their original shape even after repeated washing or ironing. They add coziness and intimacy to the interior, without reducing the actual area of ​​the rooms. It fits perfectly with any home room as well as office spaces or utility premises. Sleep in a room with Blackout curtains or blinds gives a deep and genuine rest, while meetings in rooms decorated using these fabrics run smoothly in a harmonious atmosphere.

Blackout fabrics are a bit of luxury you deserve!
We invite you to get acquainted with our offer.