Thermo – thermal insulation fabrics

!!! A novelty in thermal insulation fabrics !!!

The Thermo thermal insulation fabric is a completely groundbreaking technology, as it combines the advantages of breathable, thermal insulation and natural fabrics. Thermo is a fabric based on the technology of thermal retention Thermo fabrics are used to produce curtains, veils, inserts inside the lining of garments or bound to another fabric to create an effective barrier against heat loss.

A groundbreaking thermal insulation fabric:

  • the first thermal insulation fabric which provides breathability
  • additional heating effect
  • washable in an ordinary washing machine

These properties make the Thermo fabric much better than the so-called aluminum blanket, its repeated use allows to protect the environment

Applications of Thermo thermal insulation fabrics

The commonly used thermal insulation fabrics are usually suitable for single use. The Thermo fabric is much more versatile because it is suitable for repeated washing. Thanks to its unique properties, it is used in many industries.


  • kołdry
  • mattresses
  • skiing clothes
  • tents
  • wallpaper
  • sleeping bags
  • blankets
  • caps and hats
  • rolled screens
  • rolled screens
  • window blinds
  • shoes
  • inserts inside the garment lining

The Thermo fabric is perfect for outdoor applications.

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