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Blackout fabrics, Dimout blackout fabrics and yarns.

Our offer includes blackout fabrics, Dimout fabrics , specialized flame retardant fabrics and a wide range of yarns. As a direct importer of Blackout fabrics and yarns, we offer attractive wholesale prices, we ensure timely and continuous supply of the entire range. Feel free to contact us by phone and order free samples.

Light-blocking Blackout Fabrics

The light-blocking Blackout fabrics offered on our website provide perfect darkening of the rooms. They are excellent as curtains in the premises such as, for example, a bedroom, a child’s room or a living room with a home cinema system. A well-darkened room at night improves significantly the quality of sleep. Comfortable sleep in complete darkness results in much faster regeneration of the body’s strength, which in turn translates into well-being during the day. There are different ways to isolate the room from unwanted light, however, the best blackout of the room is guaranteed by the original light-blocking Blackout fabrics, which are a real revolution in curtain fabrics. Stopping light rays is just one of the functions of Blackout fabrics. The thermal insulation barrier provided by Blackout fabrics creates a pleasant climate in the room and equalizes the temperature throughout the whole area. This can be appreciated not only in summer but also in winter. In summer, even at high temperatures, these fabrics protect the rooms from excess heat. In winter, owing to their three-layer structure, Blackout fabrics allow for savings. Another advantage of Blackout fabrics is that they reduce the noise.

The light-blocking Dimout fabrics

Like Blackout fabrics, they are used to black out rooms. The difference between these fabrics is that Dimout gives a slightly lower degree of darkness and less thermal insulation. Dimout is designed for those of you for whom the effect of the Blackout fabric is too strong. The high efficiency of light-blocking fabrics is due to their construction. Unlike ordinary curtain fabrics, blackout fabric has a special blackout layer between the two outer fabric layers. Therefore, the color of the blackout fabric has no impact on the amount of light entering the room. Light blackout fabrics darken rooms just as well as those in darker colors. Obviously , the darker the blackout fabric color, the greater the stronger the feeling of shading because there are no light reflections. This is important, for example, in the rooms where films are shown. We are a direct importer of the original Dimout fabrics of the highest quality. We invite you to contact us. We send free samples.

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Our offer includes a wide selection of cotton yarns. A large selection of colors of the cotton yarns is available in our warehouse on an ongoing basis. The color of the yarn can be ordered according to the customer’s choice. In addition, we offer polyester, elastomeric, jute, bcf and flame retardant yarns. We offer continuity of supply, Ekotex and BCI Certificates. We are a direct importer, owing to which we can provide attractive prices.


Cotton yarn blends

Polyester yarn

Polyester yarn

Elastomeric yarn

Elastomeric yarn

BCF polypropylene yarn

BCF polypropylene yarn

Jute yarn

Jute yarn

Flame retardant yarn

Flame retardant yarn

Ruflex – a reliable partner in business

The “Ruflex” company was founded in 1992 in Łódź. We are a serious business partner, serving clients from Poland and Europe. Since 1996, we have specialized in the sales of cotton yarn and its blends. Our company is growing rapidly because we do not stand still. Out of concern for satisfying the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of our offer by introducing new products such as polyester yarns and blackout fabrics. Working for years with the best companies, we have gained vast experience and recognition in the industry. We are able to meet the high requirements of our clients because we deliver selected, high quality goods. By working with RUFLEX, you gain confidence in the timely supply of the highest quality materials.


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Blackout fabrics guide:

  1. Blackout fabrics in the theater.

    The blackout fabric used in the theater must be safe and easy to clean. It must have many features that ensure proper lighting, acoustics and safety. Attractive appearance and colors are also important. The Blackout fabrics offered by Ruflex meet all these requirements and are ideal for use in the theater…Read more

  2. Blackout fabrics – What color?

    The color of the blackout fabric is very important. Scientists have always been interested in the influence of colors on the human psyche. The impact of colors goes deeper than our consciousness, appealing to our original instincts. The nature itself is the best teacher of the conscious choice of colors. Every day it gives us a lesson in aesthetics, showing its perfect harmony. It is enough just to take a good look, and before our eyes … Read more

  3. Blackout fabrics – What to do to get a good night’s sleep?

    Blackout fabrics can be one of the best presents we can give ourselves. In everyday life, we do not think about why we get up tired in the morning. We are restless at night, we are unable to fall asleep, we often wake up at night and have nightmares. Meanwhile, we can easily ensure that our sleep is calm and regenerating for the body. Read more

  4. Blackout fabrics for hotels.

    Blackout fabrics are used in the hotel industry. The hotel is a special place where every Guest should feel at least as good as in their own home. At the same time, hotels play a role of conference centers. They are equipped with lecture halls and other specialist rooms meeting the Clients’ needs. Recently, Blackout fabrics dedicated to hotels, meeting high technical requirements, have appeared on sale. These fabrics are very versatile and safe, thanks to which … Read more

  5. How to design a home cinema? – Blackout fabrics.

    Few of us can afford to have a separate room that would act as a cinema. However, almost anyone can use for this purpose the living room, and even the living room with a kitchen annex. This is not a challenge that would be beyond our capabilities. The cinema corner can be separated from the rest of the room by either a thin, sliding partition wall or a soft curtain made of Blackout type fabricRead more

  6. Blackout fabric – How to create a friendly atmosphere in the conference room?

    For many people, the conference room is one of the most important rooms in the company, creating its image. creating its image. It is a place of official meetings, but also a space for work and study for the employees, and therefore it should stimulate the creativity of the participants and encourage creative exchange of thoughts. The ideal conference room should combine harmoniously the representative and utility functions. Probably that is why its decor is more and more often designed by architects, paying special attention not only to its functionality and representativeness, but also ensuring maximum comfort of the participants of conferences, business meetings, workshops or training sessions… Read more

  7. Blackout curtains – Blackout and Dimout fabric – How to arrange the living room?

    Blackout fabrics in the living room are the perfect solution for demanding customers. A modern living room is not only different in appearance from its protoplast, i.e. a nineteenth-century aristocratic or bourgeois salon. Nowadays, it performs so many functions that it would be difficult to call it a purely representative room. It serves as a dining room, living room, cinema room, games room, study, library, and often also as a bedroom. Despite this, it is still considered the most important place in the house, so it is not surprising that we often think about how to arrange the room that plays so many different roles? … Read more

  8. Blackout fabrics Blackout fabrics. The best fabrics for curtains in the office.

    Curtains made of blackout fabrics can create a cozy atmosphere in the office, improve the appearance of the room. In addition to good visual features, blackout fabrics have additional advantages that increase their usability. Reduction of heating costs in the company? Darkening and soundproofing the room? Protection against fire spread in case of fire? Only thanks to the special fabric? Yes, it is possible now! Thanks to our Blackout and Dimout fabrics you will feel good and safe in the workplace… Read more

  9. What blackout fabric should you choose? Blackout or Dimout ?

    The Ruflex company offers both types of light-blocking fabrics – Blackout and Dimout. Curtains made of light-blocking fabrics have many advantages, but their basic function is that they do not let light in. Their names come from the English language. The word Dimout means: shading , while the word Blackout means total blocking of light. The very translation of these two names tells us a lot about the different properties of these fabrics. Blackout almost completely stops the sun rays. Dimout offers a similar effect, but the darkness is not complete. Each of these modern fabrics has its applications in everyday use and as fabrics for special purposes … Read more

  10. How to decorate a window? – Blackout and Dimout fabrics

    Blackout fabric curtains can be a very interesting element of window decoration. Not only at home, but also in the office or company. In addition to good appearance, they are functional, safe and easy to use. Blackout and dimout fabrics meet the highest customer requirements. They absorb a lot of light, sounds from the environment, create a thermal barrier. Blackout fabrics are a cure for restless sleep and persistent sun. Their great advantage is also fire resistance confirmed by the certificate. Blackout fabrics consist of fibers that begin to melt at high temperatures instead of burning. They also have appropriate OEKO-TEX certificates guaranteeing their safety… Read more

  11. Wedding hall decor – blackout fabrics

    Blackout fabrics are becoming standard equipment for banquet rooms. Wedding receptions, weddings and other celebrations are one of the most important events in everybody’s life. A large party for family and friends requires a lot of preparation. Customers who rent the premises compare not only prices, but also its equipment. The decor of the wedding hall should create a positive atmosphere. It must be elegant and at the same time unobtrusive. Wedding decorative elements usually occur in colors associated with peace, purity of affection, love and passion. Blackout fabrics used in the form of curtains are an interesting and functional element of interior design…
    Read more

  12. Which curtains for the living room and which for the bedroom? – Blackout fabrics

    Blackout fabrics are a great example of how modern technologies quickly reach our homes, increasing the living comfort. Curtains made of specialized fabric can perform several very important functions in our apartment. We will consider it on the example of the living room and the bedroom…
    Read more