Blackout fabric – Color: Brown 183

The Blackout fabric is available in width: 150 cm

Attestations: Available with a low flammability attestation.

Product features :

  • very good darkening of the rooms
  • noise reduction
  • thermal barrier
  • soft and pleasant to the touch

Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and stylish interiors that require dimming. Until recently, specialist Blackout fabrics were reserved only for the best hotels, and now you can have them at home.

The properties of blackout fabrics are invaluable, because they allow very good darkening of the premises. The original Blackout fabric consists of three special layers. The inner layer is black and stops light rays. Owing to that, we can relax perfectly not only at night, but also at any free time during the day.

An additional advantage of BLACKOUT fabrics is that they are nice and soft to the touch. This feature ensures their natural appearance when used as curtains or window blinds. As a specialized fabric, they are also used to darken rooms such as projection rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. They are also used to reduce noise and create thermal barriers.

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How to design a home cinema?

Few of us can afford to have a separate room that would act as a cinema. However, almost anyone can use for this purpose the living room, and even the living room with a kitchen annex. This is not a challenge that would be beyond our capabilities. The cinema corner can be separated from the rest of the room by either a thin, sliding partition wall or a soft curtain made of Blackout type fabric.

When arranging such an area, the problem of acoustics cannot be forgotten. To eliminate the phenomenon of reverberation, i.e. the reflection of sound waves from the planes of the room, as many sound-absorbing elements as possible should be used. Rugs, carpets, wallpapers or curtains, especially made of Blackout fabrics , which guarantee high sound insulation, will certainly play an important role. They muffle the pitch and frequency of sounds, thus reducing their perception by us.

Light plays an important role in the home cinema space. It enhances our perception and creates a mood. The ability to control the light allows to increase the contrast of the displayed image and prevents reflections of daylight on the screen. An interesting solution can be upholstering of one of the walls of the room and also the surface of the partition wall with blackout fabric, which will not only absorb the light, but also suppress the sounds coming from the outside.

The desired effect can also be obtained by using appropriate window shades. Curtains or blinds made of blackout fabric should be installed on the windows. One move is enough for our “cinema room” to turn into a completely darkened, cozy, quiet place. And we will be able to watch the favorite movies regardless of the time of day.

Home cinema should provide us with positive emotions, so it is worthwhile to take care of everything that will affect the mood. Comfortable armchairs, subdued colors, additional lighting behind the screen and on the walls, the right room temperature are the factors that should not be underestimated.

The fact that our home cinema should be equipped with good quality audio-video equipment is obvious.  A perfect image on the TV set and a large screen diagonal are the necessary conditions, and the appropriate sound and projection equipment, as well as convenient controls of it, allowing for a smooth change of settings, will give us the desired feeling of comfort and relaxation.