Blackout fabric – Color: Grey 38

The Blackout fabric is available in width: 150 cm

Product features :

  • very good darkening of the rooms
  • noise reduction
  • thermal barrier
  • soft and pleasant to the touch

Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and stylish interiors that require dimming. Until recently, specialist Blackout fabrics were reserved only for the best hotels, and now you can have them at home.

The properties of blackout fabrics are invaluable, because they allow very good darkening of the premises. The original Blackout fabric consists of three special layers. The inner layer is black and stops light rays. Owing to that, we can relax perfectly not only at night, but also at any free time during the day.

An additional advantage of BLACKOUT fabrics is that they are nice and soft to the touch. This feature ensures their natural appearance when used as curtains or window blinds. As a specialized fabric, they are also used to darken rooms such as projection rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. They are also used to reduce noise and create thermal barriers.

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What curtains for the living room and which for the bedroom? – Blackout blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics are a great example of how modern technologies quickly reach our homes, increasing the living comfort. Curtains made of specialized fabric can perform several very important functions in our apartment. We will consider it on the example of the living room and the bedroom.

The living room is a place where we usually spend time with family and friends, organize parties, play movies and music. The most representative room should be neat, attractively decorated and cozy. However, creating an interesting and functional decor is not so easy. The climate of the living room is created not only by furniture and accessories. When designing the living room, we think not only about aesthetic values, but also about its functionality.

Unlike the living room, the bedroom is a place which, as a rule, peace and quiet should prevail. All elements of the decor should be gentle, associated with good sleep and a place where you can forget about the problems of everyday life. Candles, dim light, flowers, a thick blanket, soft bedding are the proven products that create a good mood.

Blackout fabrics used for decoration or in the form of curtains are the best solution both in the living room and in the bedroom. Curtains made of technical fabric can be unveiled in the morning to fill the room with sunshine, and closed at night to provide isolation from the surroundings.

We offer both types of light-blocking technical fabrics. These materials have numerous features in common. However, because of their properties, some are more suitable for the bedroom and others for the living room. Blackout and Dimout fabrics differ from each other in their characteristics. Blackout is a fabric that strongly darkens the rooms. Dimout is also a light-blocking fabric, but it is partially permeable to sunlight.

Additional benefits of Blackout blackout fabric

The Blackout fabric is ideal for bedrooms. It guarantees complete darkness. The morning sun or street lighting will no longer disturb you while you are asleep. In addition, specialist fabrics have insulating properties. They partially cut off the sounds coming from the environment. They also allow to maintain a constant temperature in the room. In winter, they prevent the room from cooling down, which can save you money on heating. On hot days, they protect against excessive heating of the bedroom. The use of blackout fabrics in the bedroom guarantees a long and uninterrupted sleep that allows the body to regenerate fully and consolidate the most important information from the previous day. Blackout fabrics are also available in a flame retardant version. They do not catch fire at high temperatures. Flame retardant fabrics are an element of decor that significantly increases the safety of the residents.

Dimout fabric lets more light in, so it works well in the living room. It will limit the access of sunlight, but it will not darken the room completely. Thanks to the use of Dimout fabric curtains, the comfort of watching movies or game marathons in the afternoon will be improved significantly. In addition, Dimout fabric, like Blackout fabric, will reduce noise and help maintain a constant temperature.

Blackout fabrics have an infinite number of uses limited only by your imagination. At the same time, they are a good investment, because both of these types of fabrics are extremely durable and will last for many years. If you have additional questions, please contact us. We will send you free samples.