Blackout fabrics – Color: Sand 379

Sand 379 Blackout fabric is available in two widths: 150 cm, 300 cm

Attestations: Blackout fabrics are available in two variants – standard and with a certificate guaranteeing low flammability.

Material features:

  • impermeable to light – perfect for darkening rooms;
  • creates a sound barrier – reduces noise;
  • creates a thermal barrier – insulates the cold from e.g. windows and equalizes the temperature in the room;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • well-shaped

Blackout fabric – Applications

Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and stylish interiors that require dimming. Until recently, specialist Blackout fabrics were reserved only for the best hotels, and now you can have them at home. The properties of blackout fabrics are invaluable, because they allow very good darkening of the premises. The original Blackout fabric consists of three special layers. The inner layer is black and stops light rays. Owing to that, we can relax perfectly not only at night, but also at any free time during the day. An additional advantage of BLACKOUT fabrics is that they are nice and soft to the touch. This feature ensures their natural appearance when used as curtains or window blinds. As a specialized fabric, they are also used to darken premises such as projection rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. They are also used to reduce noise and create thermal barriers.

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Blackout fabrics – What to do to get a good night’s sleep?

Blackout fabrics can be one of the best presents we can give ourselves. In everyday life, we do not think about why we get up tired in the morning. We are restless at night, we are unable to fall asleep, we often wake up at night and have nightmares. Meanwhile, we can easily ensure that our sleep is calm and regenerating for the body.

Most often, we all combine sleep deficits with lack of time. This is not entirely true.  The number of hours we sleep is obviously important, but it is more important to make the most of your sleep time. The easiest way is to ensure the comfort and quality of sleep.

Sleep is a very individual matter, but there are ways that work for all of us. The most interesting is that these are quite obvious methods, but most of us do not use them in practice. To sleep well, we definitely need to:

Darken the room – Blackout fabrics.

Light in the bedroom is the enemy of good sleep. Ordinary curtains or blinds usually do not work well. The light gets inside anyway. Specialist fabrics such as Blackout work better. They darken the room, and additionally they reduce the noise and regulate the temperature of the bedroom. The sellers considerably overuse the name Blackout and apply it to any thicker fabric. That is why it is worth noting that the real Blackout fabric has three layers, two colored ones and a black light-blocking one. Owing to that black layer hidden inside, the Blackout fabric can stay relatively thin and light while maintaining its properties. No more wrestling with thick, heavy curtains. The light and not too thick blackout fabric is extremely convenient, and it can be arranged nicely.  Studies confirm that sleeping with the light on has the same effect as deprivation of sleep. It does not whether it is the moonlight or the city lights that come in through the window. If we darken the bedroom, the effect of better sleep will be immediate, we would better set the alarm clock!

Soundproof the bedroom – Blackout fabrics.

The sounds coming to us while we are asleep are a real problem. Only sleeping in silence guarantees a good rest. Noise in the bedroom causes our brain to remain active all the time and to analyze the sounds. Headache and lack of sleep are only the beginning. Sleeping in a noisy environment for a long time can cause more serious problems. Blackout fabric curtains in addition to darkening the area, function as a silencer.  Insulation from the sounds coming from behind the windows is the basis for a good night’s sleep. Thanks to their special structure, Blackout fabrics are also used in recording studios.

Ensure a constant and even temperature in the bedroom – Blackout fabrics.

The temperature in different places of the average bedroom can vary by several degrees. If, in addition, we have a bed near a window and a heating source, then good rest at night can be problematic. We should ensure a balanced temperature in the bedroom. A good solution is to use curtains made of Blackout fabric,  which will cause the entire bedroom to have the same temperature. Specialist fabrics such as Blackout form a thermal barrier.  As a result, the cold air from the window and the warm air from the heating system are mixed even before they get into the room. Constant temperature will not only ensure a good night’s sleep, but will also prevent bone and muscle pain.

Blackout fabrics used as the bedroom curtains eliminate three common causes of sleeplessness, darken, reduce the noise and regulate the temperature.

They are highly recommend by us.