Blackout fabric – Color: Green 475

The Blackout fabric is available in width: 300 cm

Product features :

  • very good darkening of the rooms
  • noise reduction
  • thermal barrier
  • soft and pleasant to the touch

Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and stylish interiors that require dimming. Until recently, specialist Blackout fabrics were reserved only for the best hotels, and now you can have them at home.

The properties of blackout fabrics are invaluable, because they allow very good darkening of the premises. The original Blackout fabric consists of three special layers. The inner layer is black and stops light rays. Owing to that, we can relax perfectly not only at night, but also at any free time during the day.

An additional advantage of BLACKOUT fabrics is that they are nice and soft to the touch. This feature ensures their natural appearance when used as curtains or window blinds. As a specialized fabric, they are also used to darken rooms such as projection rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. They are also used to reduce noise and create thermal barriers.

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How to decorate a window? – Blackout and Dimout blackout fabrics

Blackout fabric curtains can be a very interesting element of window decoration. Not only at home, but also in the office or company. In addition to good appearance, they are functional, safe and easy to use. Blackout and dimout fabrics meet the highest customer requirements. They absorb a lot of light, sounds from the environment, create a thermal barrier. Blackout fabrics are a cure for restless sleep and persistent sun. Their great advantage is also fire resistance confirmed by the certificate. Blackout fabrics consist of fibers that begin to melt at high temperatures instead of burning. They also have appropriate OEKO-TEX certificates guaranteeing their safety.

How to decorate a window? Depending on how much light needs to be eliminated, whether it is a corporate, public or private space, blackout fabrics in the form of curtains can be arranged in various ways. In some rooms, the curtains will look good, hanging loosely. Elsewhere, they can be tied up, pleated or decorated with accessories.

Blackout and Dimout fabrics

Blackout and Dimout blackout fabrics are functional and look good at the same time. To suppress the light in the whole room, the blackout fabric should cover the full width and height of the window. Specialized fabric can be hung plain. This is the simplest method. However, if you want it to look more attractive and improve the interior of the room, it is better to buy more blackout fabric and arrange it nicely. Pinning involves overlapping small pieces of fabric and stapling or sewing them together at equal intervals.

Blackout fabrics can be a very interesting element of home or apartment decoration. Home is a place where you can use your own fantasy and completely change the form of the curtains. The first, easiest way is to tie the material at its end. Such a bunch will create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the room. Another method for enhancing the everyday appearance is decorating the curtains with items from your own wardrobe or chest of drawers. The material can be fastened with a trouser belt, necklace, beads, tied with a tie or an elastic hair band. There are also items specially designed for this type of modification. Blackout and Dimout fabrics will fit very well with different types of decorative cords, ribbons, tapes and wooden wheels. Please remember that curtains hanging in the kitchen are exposed to various factors. Flame retardancy and crease resistance are the distinguishing features of blackout fabrics.

How to decorate a window?

It is not necessary for Blackout curtains to cover the entire window. An interesting procedure is darkening only a part of it. Asymmetry is one of the trends of current fashion. Do you know that our Blackout fabrics come in as many as 29 colors? The color of the curtains can affect the decor of the entire room and our well-being. When the window and the room is small, it is preferable to use light shades of beige, gray or white. Green, red and purple will work well with larger areas.

Decorating a window can turn into a creative activity. If you have a dilemma with the choice of fabric or color, please contact us by phone. We will be happy to send you free samples. Blackout and Dimout fabrics are multifunctional and versatile. As specialized fabrics, they are used in hotels, theaters, spas, photographic studios, etc. They are also great for everyday use, because darkening, silencing, maintaining temperature, fire protection are the features that guarantee comfort at every home.