Blackout fabric – Color: Black 40

The Blackout fabric is available in two widths: 150 cm and 300cm

Attestations: Available with a low flammability attestation.

Product features :

  • very good darkening of the rooms
  • noise reduction
  • thermal barrier
  • soft and pleasant to the touch

Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms and stylish interiors that require dimming. Until recently, specialist Blackout fabrics were reserved only for the best hotels, and now you can have them at home.

The properties of blackout fabrics are invaluable, because they allow very good darkening of the premises. The original Blackout fabric consists of three special layers. The inner layer is black and stops light rays. Owing to that, we can relax perfectly not only at night, but also at any free time during the day.

An additional advantage of BLACKOUT fabrics is that they are nice and soft to the touch. This feature ensures their natural appearance when used as curtains or window blinds. As a specialized fabric, they are also used to darken rooms such as projection rooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. They are also used to reduce noise and create thermal barriers.

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How to create a friendly atmosphere in the conference room?

For many people, the conference room is one of the most important rooms in the company, creating its image. It is a place of official meetings, but also a space for work and study for the employees, and therefore it should stimulate the creativity of the participants and encourage creative exchange of thoughts. The ideal conference room should combine harmoniously the representative and utility functions. Probably that is why its decor is more and more often designed by architects, paying special attention not only to its functionality and representativeness, but also ensuring maximum comfort of the participants of conferences, business meetings, workshops or training sessions.

How to achieve this

Let us start with something very important, and often underestimated: the use of appropriate fabrics in the interior. First of all, those that meet all the conditions of specialized utility fabrics, i.e. light-blocking Blackout type fabrics.  Their application enables to increase thermal and sound insulation and darken the room accordingly, because they are not permeable to sunlight.

The fact that blinds or curtains made of blackout fabrics allow to cut off the daylight is extremely important, both in the summer when they protect against the scorching sun, and throughout the year during presentations or projection of training materials. An air-conditioned room in which a constant, optimal temperature prevails will also positively affect the work of grey brain cells. Specialists have decided that it should be 20-21C.

The desired accent in the room will be fresh green plants, but they should not be introduced in excess. We are at work, not in a botanical garden.

When decorating the conference room interior, bright, intense colors should be avoided, while subdued, pale colors that will visually enlarge the space and will not cause eye strain are preferred.  The RUFLEX company presents a wide range of colors in its offer of fabrics – they are available in 29 shades.

The necessary minimum, which must be taken into account when arranging or renting a conference room, is to provide comfortable seats with an ergonomic backrest. Conference participants often spend a few hours sitting motionless, and the backache certainly does not help them to focus.

Screens, projectors, monitors, interactive boards and other gadgets of modern office technology and electronics are obviously needed and sometimes even necessary for the conference to achieve its goals. However, those for whom it is organized – the participants –  are much more important and they should be given the best possible conditions. Let’s remember that.